custom packaging brandBranding and product marketing are two different, but important things that are aided by quality packaging. Branding refers to the company’s effort to build, and more importantly maintain their identity in the market. This concept is similar to an individual building and protecting their reputation. A company’s brand is the meaning that is behind the name, often accompanied by a logo or symbol used to signify its product or service. Branding done right associates the company with certain positive traits or attributes in the building up of the brand. These characteristics are dependent on the industry. Retail companies often use their product packaging to maintain their brand image. Different from branding, but equally as important, product marketing involves all of the marketing and communication messages a company employs to promote a particular product or product line. From product conception and research, to product release and advertising, product marketing is specific to the item at hand. If branding is done effectively, it has already laid the groundwork for a successful release of the line.

Blog Source: Small Business Chron

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