DCAbox_2Business demand trends are always subject to change. While the market doesn’t make a habit of changing over night, businesses are always looking forward to the next big thing. One thing has remained constant, and that is the role of packaging innovation. The purpose of up to date, quality packaging is to increase profitability. Responding promptly to major trends with packaging design can make a huge difference- and staying out of the wake can be your best bet. This year, on-shelf differentiation has become one of the top drivers of packaging innovation which suggests that following trends is being superseded by driving trends. The importance of custom graphics has increased ten-fold to accommodate limited edition packages, marketing campaigns, and brand makeovers. In the competitive retail market nothing exists in a vacuum, and maintaining brand identity is an ever-increasing juggling act. Differentiation and individuality among a whirlwind of competitors is now more important than ever.

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