brainstorming-ideas-thinking-sessions-thoughtsHere at Sunrise Packaging, we often hold brainstorming sessions to voice our opinions about how to make different aspects of the company, specific departments, projects and products better! We believe that brainstorming sessions contribute positively to our company and can hold particular benefits for you as well.

Brainstorming is mainly a simple, cheap and effective way of generating new ideas and solutions to existing problems. It can be performed in an individual or group setting with the goal of generating as many new ideas as possible. Ideas will be later evaluated based on set criteria and the purpose of the brainstorming session. Brainstorming can be used in virtually any situation where new ideas and solutions are needed.

The benefits of brainstorming include:

  • Generating new ideas that may not have been discovered otherwise
  • Bouncing back and forth and building on ideas
  • Encourages creativity, expands thinking and introduces all perspectives of a problem
  • Involves everyone equally with every idea recorded as worthy and not judged
  • Ideas grow quickly, allowing everyone to offer ideas that come to mind
  • Everyone has a sense of ownership of the topic through input of ideas

The benefits of brainstorming far exceed the disadvantages. Brainstorming can lead to enhanced productivity, developments of new ways to save money, spotting a new opportunity in the market, developing a new product and cutting down on paperwork when done effectively.

How can you brainstorm effectively for successful results?

  • Gather a group (large or small – size doesn’t matter, it’s the ideas that count)
  • Establish an environment with few rules, boundaries and inhibitors as possible
  • Assign a group leader to control the session and record ideas somewhere where everyone can see them (a whiteboard, big piece of paper, projection, etc.).
  • Allow for free flow of ideas focused on the topic or problem
  • Sessions should last no more than 30-40 minutes
  • The leader or another member of the group should be assigned to take notes throughout the meeting and send a summary e-mail to the group following the brainstorming session.

After the brainstorming session you will have a new set of ideas that you can evaluate based on your own key criteria. So, what are you waiting for? Start brainstorming!

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