Samples of two piece boxes that Sunrise Packaging has done

Custom Two-Piece Setup Boxes

Our custom two piece setup boxes are an extremely popular choice for luxury packaging solutions. These boxes are most common seen in retail and gift packaging, but can also serve many other purposes such as game boxes. The custom two piece boxes that we make vary in size, shape, and everything in between and are tremendously attractive in turned edge. When you utilize turned edge, you receive strong chipboard with your choice of wrap turned over it. A few of the custom design options for our custom two piece boxes include four color digital print, foil stamped linen, or embossed fibers. You may also add thermoformed trays or die cut foam inserts. We would love to work with you to create a truly unique two piece box that represents your product line and overall brand.

custom manufactured two piece setup boxes, red 2 piece setup box with custom diecut foam

Two-Piece Setup Box with Custom Die cut Foam insert

Two-Piece Setup Boxes with windows, custom formed trays, vaccum formed tray inserts, tow piece rigid box

Two-Piece Setup Box with Thermoformed Tray and PVC Window

Two-Piece Setup Boxes, rigid setup boxes, 2 piece rigid setup box, full color printing inside tray

Two-Piece Setup Box with Inside Liner