RSC box, corrugated cardboard(RSC)  Regular Slotted Container

The most standard of all corrugated box styles. The Regular Slotted Container refers to the box having both top and bottom flaps that meet at the center. Gives a full, no visibility seal when taped. Allows for the infamous crosshatching fold technique. The perfect corrugated box for moving day—large, light, and secure.


Half Slotted Carton, HSC, corrugated cardboard box(HSC) Half Slotted Container

Identical to the Regular Slotted Container except for one detail: no top flaps. Meant to be left open or fitted with a cover, this corrugated box allows for quicker unboxing, but may not be ideal for shipping. Most commonly associated with grocery store fruit containers or file storage.


A One Piece Folder or OPF is a possible option for custom corrugated cardboard packaging

(OPF)  One Piece Folder

Essentially a wraparound corrugated cardboard box with little depth. Offers a snug fit and allows for rougher handling. Great for transporting books, DVDs, or posters that rather not be rolled. Most common types are 3- and 5-panel. The less panels, the less depth, and the tighter the fit. Less floating space when a foam insert is not an option.


Full Overlap Carton or FOC for custom cardboard needs(FOC) Full Overlap Container

Similar to the RSC corrugated box styles, except that the lengthwise flaps of a Full Overlap Container go all the way across the top and bottom of your box instead of merely meeting in the middle. The advantages of an FOC corrugated box are extra support and extra cushioning above and below. Full closure means contents are less prone to light exposure or  prying eyes.


TelescopeTelescope Box

One of the only corrugated box styles with a two-piece setup. The cover completely encompasses the lower half of the corrugated container much like the nearly collapsible nature of a telescope. offers a precise fit as well as a more luxurious unboxing. Examples would be a gift box for clothing or a shoebox. Consider including thumb notches for ease of opening.


Interlocking Tuck Tab box provides extra security for your corrugated boxTuck Tab

The Tuck Tab allows a corrugated box styles to “lock” with a system of precisely cut tabs and slots. Pair with a handle for an almost briefcase-like packaging. Secures materials durably while giving an impression of high-quality.