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Get Creative with Promotional Packaging

Thursday, September 18th, 2014

To catch the eye of a targeted consumer, branded promotional packaging can make a world of difference. The best way to accomplish this is through using high end materials and design to catch the attention of prospective clientele, and gaining interest for new product roll outs. By improving printing processes, product layout, and overall design, a brand can interact with its marketed consumer while improving and promoting their brand identity in general. When a company participates in interactive promotional packaging of their product, they hold the consumer’s attention and ensure higher rates of consumption in the future. The goal of this type of packaging design is to become more involved in the decisions of the consumer and their purchasing experience. Here at Sunrise, we see a wide variety of packaging solutions that are created to promote a new product line, or even awareness of existing company services. From USB packaging  like a Flashpad used to distribute information, to large scale product demonstration kits like the Key Surgical case shown here, companies are finding innovative a creative ways to extend their brand.


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Sophisticated Rigid Cigar Box

Monday, July 21st, 2014

The rigid box shown below is a variation of a classic cigar-style box with a small addition that makes a big difference. Notice how there are two panels extending from the main tray instead of the standard one. This is simply an elongation of the rigid flat that wraps around the box tray that sits flat open. This creates an extra cover to shield the contents of the box. Not only does this serve a functional purpose, but it allows the designer extra space for branding and design. Surface real estate for packaging can be used up in a flash, so more space to extend your design and mission statement is a valuable asset. This box was used as a part of a promotional marketing campaign. Exuding class and sophistication, this turned edge cigar style box with custom design and silver foil stamp adds value to your marketing repertoire.

Compact Medical Device Case

Monday, April 14th, 2014

This case stems from the design of our turned edge Flashpad, most used to package USB flash drives. However, the small pieces called cannulas found a nice home in this package that ended up being the perfect size! Each piece has its own die-cut foam cavity to keep them separated and properly labeled. The case uses four color digital printing and gloss lamination for a clean and presentable design suited for medical device sales. The closure of the case is a unique feature that was economical to install and functions like a dream! Instead of simply lay shut like a box, the top cover was extended to fold behind the back cover. A magnetic strip was included in order to keep the covers together.



Web Startup Product Packaging

Friday, March 14th, 2014

turned edge setup boxThis hard cover two piece setup box holds a small notebook. Baron Fig, is a movement that was started by a group of people that wanted to reintroduce creativity of thoughts and ideas put on paper. They felt that many notebooks on the shelves today are too corporate and branded, creating an initial disconnect from the user. Baron Fig aimed to create an easy-to-use, simple  journal of which users truly take ownership. The box that holds the journal is based on simplicity and utility, indicating the category of notebook- and that’s about it. Turned edge boxes were chosen because as a web start-up, they needed a package that would be thick enough to protect the notebook in shipping. We found this packaging solution on


The youtube video below gives more insight into Baron Fig

Turned Edge Components: Wrap, Liner, and Board

Wednesday, March 5th, 2014

To create a quality turned edge product, there are a few elements that need to come together to create a cohesive packaging solution. Whether the final product is a three ring binder or a cigar style presentation box, the inside liner, internal chipboard, and of course the exterior wrap need to be intricately measured, cut, and placed.

Chipboard: The most common color of chipboard is a brown/gray color, as shown below. However, if the board is showing in any way for the project, we recommend something that will complement the entire package- maybe for you that is brown, but other colors specifically black and white are readily available.

Inside Liner: The interior liner of your box or binder needs to complement the outer wrap. To add dimension, it is important that it differs in some way to the outside. If you will notice the two piece set up box below, the inside liner is white with the company logo in the same color as the wrap- a great way to get a little more brand recognition as well as tie the whole piece together.

Exterior Wrap: An integral piece of the puzzle, the exterior wrap of your turned edge represents everything inside. Choose from textured papers, fabrics, linens, and other materials to create a look and feel that you believe best represents your product line and organization. Jazz it up with offset printing, embossing, or foil stamping. The sky is the limit with graphic design and custom features- create something unique and memorable.

TE Materials

Hardcover Slipcase and Box

Friday, February 28th, 2014

This packaging solution we found on Packaging of the World is for the VEGA Secret Note- a smart phone device that is meant to be used as a diary. The box and turned edge slipcase for the product is meant to give the look and feel of a personal journal or private diary. Invoking an emotional reaction, the product is well represented for its features as well as the personal benefit it will bring the consumer. The turned edge box has a clean, high end design that not only protects the device but displays the product with impressive shelf presence. Clean white space can often be underrated in graphic design, but at some point it is important to let the product and packaging do the talking for you. We appreciate the use of a hard cover slipcase that makes the product easily accessible once purchased, yet completely encased and protected in a retail environment.

Sales Kit and Product Collection Marketing

Friday, January 31st, 2014

Sales kits and collections are a great way to utilize marketing efforts to give a branding boost to a particular product or line. By pairing complementary products, you suggest to your existing consumers that they try the whole set! Pictured here is a packaged set in a turned edge cigar-style box. The Remington collection features shaving applications that complement each other well and represent the entire brand. Each item is carefully placed in a designated cavity made from die-cut foam. The graphics on the kit are simple, and to the point – following the trends of simplicity and black and white contrast!

custom cigar style boxsales kit marketing




Sales Effective Packaging Design

Thursday, January 2nd, 2014

Design is one of the most discussed aspects of packaging for business. A well developed and executed design can make the success or failure of a retail product in a competitive environment. Here are the top 3 common principles of sales effective design explained thoroughly in an article from Packaging World:

1) Stand out- seems obvious enough, right? In a retail environment, your packaging solution is the last line of persuasion before the final purchase is made. It is no longer enough to simply be creative, it is necessary to be bold and groundbreaking as well, pulling out all the stops to finalize a sale.

2) Organize your info- most shoppers are in a hurry! If you have important information that is useful to the consumer, make it obvious. Yes, there are probably a lot of things you would like people to know about your product before they buy it, but you only have a couple seconds to get them to decide. According to this article, it is important to present a clear hierarchy of the most important information to accommodate to a shopper’s hectic schedule.

3) Compete- use differentiation to your advantage, but don’t stop there. Yes it is important to express your individuality as a product, but it is even better to show why your differentiation is the customer’s benefit. Make it easy to choose your product, shoppers are bombarded with choices and information, so choose wisely the story your packaging needs to tell.

Low Clearance Prices from Sunrise

Friday, December 20th, 2013

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Packaging Design: Consider the Consumer

Monday, September 30th, 2013

retail packagingConsider shopability when creating a retail package. Packaging takes on the responsibility of representing not only the product it holds, but the entire brand that it is a part of. The only representation that retailers have 100% control of, packaging design needs to be strategic and obvious to the consumer. For example, if the product you are representing has multiple parts that benefit shopper- point it out! This is the best way to see a substantial ROI on your packaging investment. By removing any consumer confusion, shoppers are more likely to not only keep your product but come back for more. Read more about how to improve your packaging design.