Custom Box Packaging to Broaden Brand

The custom hinged box packaging for Dropcam, a Wi-Fi video monitoring company, needed to broaden their reorganized vision and design and communicate it to the public. The custom design of the rigid hinged box is targeted to highlight the unboxing progression, which was planned to be a guide for consumers in setup process for the product. I love the use of white space with the bright blue turned edge and also the use of a hinged box top to create consistent branding that Dropcam is looking for.


Brands Must Connect for Medical Presentation Sales Kits

Brands must emotionally connect like never before for medical presentation display/sales kits and I think this custom medical presentation packaging display/sales kit for Baxter makes a impactful initial impression.  The custom designed medical display/sales kit is a rigid hinged box with a magnetic closure and custom graphics that adds a distinctive aspect that put emphasis on their brand. The custom designed packaging utilizes die cut foam cavities that keep the contents protected yet keeps the several pieces in place in a compact set. The gloss laminate finish makes the artwork sizzle while protecting the entire box. Everything works with this custom display/sales kit to extend Baxter’s brand!

Custom Setup Boxes for Extending Your Brand

Setup box is probably considered the most classic take on what a “box” actually is. Custom setup boxes comprise of two pieces which are a top and a bottom tray. Custom setup boxes can be put together a few different ways. To get the most sturdy and reliable type of this unsophisticated packaging solution, you should use a rigid setup that uses turned edge construction and presents distinctive customization options. A custom rigid setup box can use a rigid chipboard that may be wrapped with custom artwork which helps give the entire custom box durable support. A great custom setup box design does wonders for your marketing your product and extending your brand.

Pro Teams Brand with the The SportBox™

One of our latest custom products that we that we have had so much interest from professional sports teams is our trendy SportBox™. The SportBox™ is a high end packaging design solution and creates an elegant experience for the ticket holder, vendors or media relations. It has been a superb method for teams to make their base feel appreciated. The Custom Double Flap SportBox™ displays style, provides additional real estate for marketing and branding and gives the box added strength. The SportBox™ can be customized with digital print, embossing or debossing, foil stamping or screen printing, die cut foam inserts or thermoformed plastic trays to hold the contents of the box. The custom box has helped teams immensely extend their brand.

Custom Designed Luxury Packaging Branding

The Dagmar box and publication set shown here is a great instance of custom designed luxury packaging. The custom packaging uses minimalist design and extends Dagmar’s branding. The custom design grasps the sophisticated simplicity of the logo as well as the products that make brand recognition possible. Characteristic of successful Swedish fashion brand, the custom two piece setup box shown here is a luxury packaging design the exemplifies the brand and adds value to the product. Using open space wisely, the graphic design on the custom turned edge box is decorated by the logo and a simple tagline. This custom high end luxury box shows how important extending their brand is.