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E-Cig: Rigid Cigar-Style Box

Friday, August 15th, 2014

The cigar-style box shown here is a product marketing kit for Mistic, electronic cigarettes. E-cigs are extremely popular to smokers new and old, and there is definitely a growing market with devices, flavors, and much more! The packaging needed to display the products in an elegant cigar-style box with a magnetic closure to keep it secure. Custom die-cut foam holds different flavors available, and the device itself- complete with instructions.  A rigid box, the exterior of this product marketing kit is custom four color printed with branding and minimalist graphics. A huge trend in design this year is the use of white space. Think of electronic devices, new phones, and so on; this box follows the trend of using clean, open white space to bring attention to what is really important.

Flashpad™ USB Packaging Modified

Wednesday, August 13th, 2014

IMG 3605 300x200 Flashpad™ USB Packaging ModifiedEver since we released the rigid USB packaging solution, the Flashpad, it has grown to become one of our most popular and useful products. The idea originally came from the need to add shelf presence to an otherwise forgotten promotional giveaway. Think about marketing events and promotional mailer attempts that you have received. Often the postcard, small office utensil, or pamphlet goes noticed but discarded and forgotten. By developing the Flashpad, we created an affordable packaging solution that offers you more real estate for branding as well as a display feature for your promotional flash drive. USB flash drives are extremely useful in an office setting and make information distribution a piece of cake. By using USB packaging like the Flashpad, companies guarantee that their marketing efforts do not go unnoticed. As a custom manufacturer, we receive a wide range of needs and requests from our customers. Our versatile output and flexible manufacturing team are able to create elaborate and unique luxury packaging solutions. So when some of our clients wanted to take the concept of the Flashpad and tweak it to hold something different, we were all on board! Shown here are just a couple of variations of the Flashpad that show just how customizable this USB packaging solution is. Made with a simple turned edge flat with customer supplied artwork, we are able to provide unique die-cut foam to be adhered in this hardcover “book”, if you will. If you want to see how the Flashpad is made, or any of our other interactive packaging products, visit our youtube channel to see what we have to offer! IMG 5013 Flashpad™ USB Packaging Modified


Custom Plastic Thermoforming

Monday, August 11th, 2014

Pocket Monkey 279x300 Custom Plastic ThermoformingEver wonder what the process of inline thermoforming looks like? Well, today you are in luck! Check out the video below from our youtube channel that shows the process of forming custom plastic packaging products. Here at Sunrise Packaging, we offer turnkey plastic packaging solutions for any and all of your packaging needs. Most notably, and with the longest history here, our custom thermoforming process produces high quality plastic items that will house and protect your products albeit for retail, marketing, distributing and more! With in house tooling, we are capable of creating unique clamshells, blister packs, and plastic trays to accommodate your products as well as the environment they are being sold and presented in. Custom thermoforming has been a large part of our business for the thirty years that we have been open- even with the decline of media packaging products, plastic thermoformed packaging solutions have remained a staple in the industry. Watch the process below!

Starkey Boxes: New Youtube Video

Friday, August 8th, 2014

Watch the latest youtube creation from Sunrise Packaging, Inc. just released today! While we have talked about these custom boxes before on our blog at, we thought an interactive video could show you the two piece setup boxes in action. Made with turned edge manufacturing, these rigid setup boxes use provided artwork from Starkey and soft touch lamination to display and protect a new line of hearing aid technology. Compatible with Apple products, the new product needed to go into an equally compelling packaging solution. Our favorite feature on this box is the development and installation of a rigid PVC window. Different from any packaging window you will see in retail outlets, this thermoformed window is created specifically for this application. It is slightly formed into a tray in order to lie flush with the top surface of the box. The plastic material that is used is also a thick material that protects the product from tampering and other external factors.

Limited Edition Memorobilia Packaging

Wednesday, August 6th, 2014

This limited edition box for the Barcelona Home Match Jersey adds elegance and value to an otherwise ordinary item. As well know, limited edition products for sports organization can yield high value due to authenticity and the specialized nature of the product. The high end box shown here was created as a student project, and was meant to transmit the values of the sports club while getting fans excited for the following season. We found this packaging solution on Packaging of the World and had to share how even a simply constructed rigid setup box can be designed to strategically add value to any product. The use of open space in the design and high quality materials exude a finished, professional product.


Custom Rigid Binders

Monday, August 4th, 2014

If you ever need to use three ring binders for an event, marketing package, or even just everyday organizational use, you may be unaware that there is a vast amount of untapped potential that lies within a simple item. A custom manufacturer of high end marketing and retail packaging solutions, Sunrise Packaging also has a long history of manufacturing custom three ring binders. We have seen a major change in this part of our business as vinyl sales has steadily decreased. Now, our clients are looking for high quality, customizable items that can be made with their own company artwork- you call the shots! Whether you opt for a full color printed graphic design or a foil stamped material wrap, turned edge is the way to go for company binders. Especially if you are creating something to be a part of a marketing kit or sales promotion, spring for all the bells and whistles- represent your organization with the best of the best, and help us take your concept and make it a reality!

Rigid Packaging Solutions

Friday, August 1st, 2014

Custom turned edge packaging solutions offer an elegant way to market and promote your brand. Whether you are selling a product, service, or simply raising awareness, take advantage of the versatility of turned edge. Also known as rigid packaging, turned edge refers to boxes, binders, and other packaging items that are made with durable chipboard with an exterior wrap. Choose from different fibers or provide your very own artwork to be adhered to the outside. This creates the look and feel of a hardcover textbook often seen with luxury retail products and high quality sales kits. Check out the video below to see how many different ways Sunrise Packaging can provide high quality packaging solutions made by an experienced turned edge manufacturer!

Changing Illustrative Packaging

Tuesday, July 29th, 2014

The box shown here is for a patisserie based out of Toronto launching a new box for macaroons each month. The great part about this box and its design is the adaptability of turned edge in order to feature new artists with each release. From August until January, Nadege will contribute to the art community in Toronto by giving them the opportunity to be featured on their custom packaging for macaroons. We love this packaging solution because it is so multi-faceted. The slipcase exterior box displays creative artwork and the tray easily slides out for easy access to the sweet treats. Holding each flavor separately, there is a clear thermoformed tray that protects the macaroons from breakage and keeps them looking nicely. VirginiaJohnsonWeb sm 998x1024 Changing Illustrative Packaging



Customizable NetBox™:Same Size, Different Package

Friday, July 25th, 2014

Both the Flashpad™ and Netbox™ are two of our top-selling items when it comes to custom manufacturing. Standard in size and tooling alone, the NetBox™ is a wonderful solution for retail, marketing, demonstration kits and more! Shown above are three variations of the exact same product. Choose material wrap and create very own graphic design so we can go ahead and manufacture a completely unique packaging solution for your brand and mission. The NetBox™ is a cigar-style box, complete with a cover flap and secure magnetic closure. Great for displaying multiple items inside because you don’t have to deal with the hassle of a two piece packaging solution. This product is easy opening, and with digital printing capabilities, we give you the option of putting artwork on the inside liner (notice on the Salad Shots box, they took advantage of the extra space). We couldn’t be happier with the reviews we have gotten from clients who love the NetBox™. So how about your business? How can we add value to your products and services with a branded NetBox™?

Exclusive Set Packaging

Thursday, July 24th, 2014

becks 300x200 Exclusive Set PackagingWe found this packaging solution on and just had to share! We love the concept of taking a durable rigid box and designing it to look like a completely different thing. This custom cigar-style box takes advantage of the printing capabilities that accompany turned edge manufacturing. Designed by Think Packaging, this rigid box holds a variety of new Beck’s beers and looks like a boombox! The new range of Beck’s beers was released New Zealand and uses this design to show how a variety of musical genres has influenced the exclusive set. becks box 300x200 Exclusive Set Packaging