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New Balance Active Wear Box

Wednesday, April 9th, 2014

This custom turned edge box for New Balance has a unique, yet fully functional design. Turned edge with digital print and matte lamination, this box is large in capacity yet durable for retail packaging. The magnetic closure keeps the box neatly closed while still easy to open. We love this box due to its simple, wrap-around design. Consisting of two turned edge flats laid perpendicular to wrap up into a three dimensional box. The construction of this piece allows for possible flat shipping, and definite ease of manufacturing. This rigid box is perfect for luxury items, active wear, and even tools or sports gear.

Product Line Packaging

Friday, April 4th, 2014

We found this packaging set on Packaging of the World, and had to share! When introducing a new product line or a unique set of items, representative and eye-catching packaging can make a huge difference! The product line displayed here is packaging in a high end turned edge box with a hinge. The top surface of the box opens up nicely to display all that the recipient can put to use. With the versatile nature of turned edge manufacturing, they had the option of digital print, embossing, foil stamping and more to brand the box to their liking. The end result is a unique and sturdy display box to present a new product line.

USB Flash Drive Packaging

Monday, March 31st, 2014

From boxes to binders, we create unique custom packaging solutions for a wide variety of products and marketing materials. One of the most popular and convenient ways to promote a brand has been with the distribution of USB drives or webkeys with company information and landing pages. In order to extend the device and give it a little more weight, creative packaging solutions can add value to promotional giveaways by attracting more attention and staying on the radar of the recipient. Our customizable Flashpad and similar products have been proven to be economical to produce, simple to setup, and valuable to marketing efforts. By incorporating turned edge materials and manufacturing, the final result channels the look and feel of a hard cover book and is uniquely tailored to its designated brand message.

Binders of All Kinds

Wednesday, March 26th, 2014

On the surface, it may seem as if all three ring binders are the same. Sure, they all serve a similar purpose- organizing and protecting documents, welcome packets, and marketing materials. Depending on the brand, recipient, and documents, three ring binders can be custom manufactured to represent a unique purpose. Pictured above are just a few examples of custom-made three ring binders here at Sunrise Packaging. We serve a wide variety of markets that all have different needs, so we see a lot of different requests for creating the perfect binder. With turned edge capabilities, vinyl screen printing, and heat sealing in-house large quantities of custom three ring binders are economical and speedy to produce. By using a turnkey production facility, every detail is accounted for under one roof. For more information on our available ring metals, materials, sizes and more, visit our website dedicated specifically to custom binders:

Key Surgical : Product Demo Kit

Tuesday, March 18th, 2014

IMG 4954 300x226 Key Surgical : Product Demo KitHigh-end marketing kits for product demonstration and sales are some of the most intricate, custom packaging solutions that we get the opportunity to manufacture. Recently we had the pleasure of working with Key Surgical to create a product demonstration kit.

A trusted provider of sterile processing, operating room and instrument care supplies, Key Surgical has over 3,000 products that are used by hospitals and surgical centers around the world. Located in Eden Prairie Minnesota, their close proximity to our Blaine location allowed for close collaboration in the production of their case. Used mostly by sales representatives, this product demonstration kit needed to fulfill the following basic needs; represent Key Surgical as a brand, securely hold all pieces to keep everything organized, and sturdy construction protecting the case in travel and repetitive use.

IMG 4961 300x225 Key Surgical : Product Demo Kit“Our products are of the highest quality so we wanted to prove that real-time when we’re with a customer,” U.S. Director of Sales, Rebecca Radtke explained about representing Key Surgical with this kit. As a brand, Key Surgical is vibrant and colorful. They have taken on the challenge of incorporating lively colors to their product line and marketing efforts in an otherwise mundane marketplace. For example, Key Surgical’s Instrument Tip Caps for protecting sharp instruments and O.R. Supplies use bright blues, reds, oranges, and purples that simultaneously liven up the product line and offer ease of identification. The use of color in Key Surgical products and branding is apparent in this kit through the display of the colorful instruments, bright blue foam, and the color coordinating legend for reference.

As you can imagine, surgical instruments are often small and delicate, which means this product kit needed to securely hold all pieces and keep everything organized. Layers of custom die-cut foam were made for this kit to assist in presentation and organization. Each instrument has its designated place in this kit, shown by the legend included on the inside cover. With all items provided to us, we were able to ensure an accurate fit for each cavity. Key Surgical opted for layers of interchangeable trays which aids in smooth presentation and the ability to focus on or pass around a particular set. Thumb notches on each layer make accessibility hassle-free. Radtke states, “This product showcase piece was designed with a need for our sales reps to be able to bring actual products to our customers so they can see, feel and try out the product for themselves.” Aside from display benefits, foam trays safeguard individual items from damage so customers can examine each instrument unscathed.

Finally, the product demonstration kit needs to accommodate the needs of Key Surgical sales representatives when traveling. Explained by Product Marketing Manager, Alana Suomela, “It had to be robust. These most often are traveling by plane with the reps and in and out of taxi cars, etc.  But they also needed to be slim enough in size that these can fit into a carry-on piece of luggage for a one or two day trip and still allow the traveler enough room for their personal items.” Turned edge, also referred to as hardcover (similar to a textbook), is an extremely reliable option for creating an esthetically pleasing package without sacrificing durability. Combine durable turned edge with convenient carrying handles and a secure button closure, and you end up with a robust traveling case capable of putting on the miles.

Web Startup Product Packaging

Friday, March 14th, 2014

baronfig 300x199 Web Startup Product PackagingThis hard cover two piece setup box holds a small notebook. Baron Fig, is a movement that was started by a group of people that wanted to reintroduce creativity of thoughts and ideas put on paper. They felt that many notebooks on the shelves today are too corporate and branded, creating an initial disconnect from the user. Baron Fig aimed to create an easy-to-use, simple  journal of which users truly take ownership. The box that holds the journal is based on simplicity and utility, indicating the category of notebook- and that’s about it. Turned edge boxes were chosen because as a web start-up, they needed a package that would be thick enough to protect the notebook in shipping. We found this packaging solution on


The youtube video below gives more insight into Baron Fig

Turned Edge Poker Chip Set

Monday, March 10th, 2014

Who says poker chips need to come in a box or briefcase?  This unique case for a special edition set of poker chips takes all of the elements of durable packaging, custom graphic design, and accessible cavities and creates one, cohesive solution for promotional purposes. The 77-Year anniversary set of poker chips is held in die-cut cavities each with thumb notches for easy access. If you look closely at the spine of the piece, you will notice that the board was simply folded over on each side two create a dual layer effect. The bottom layer remained intact, while the interior was die-cut to hold the chips. A clever, economical, and highly efficient way to manufacture this case that saved our staff time and our clients money. High-quality turned edge production combined with our customer’s artwork guarantees a unique package.

Classic Turned Edge Sales Kit

Tuesday, March 4th, 2014

KFolderOpen 300x200 Classic Turned Edge Sales KitThe custom sales kit shown in this video takes advantage of custom packaging features in a way that is cohesive, tangible, and impressive. When opened, custom design is shown on the front cover of the included literature. The outer panels with added pockets give the distributor the opportunity to include more information without adding clutter. As a sales kit, this impressive piece stands out without design overkill. Its clean, classic design intrigues the recipient to open the package and learn more.



Hardcover Slipcase and Box

Friday, February 28th, 2014

This packaging solution we found on Packaging of the World is for the VEGA Secret Note- a smart phone device that is meant to be used as a diary. The box and turned edge slipcase for the product is meant to give the look and feel of a personal journal or private diary. Invoking an emotional reaction, the product is well represented for its features as well as the personal benefit it will bring the consumer. The turned edge box has a clean, high end design that not only protects the device but displays the product with impressive shelf presence. Clean white space can often be underrated in graphic design, but at some point it is important to let the product and packaging do the talking for you. We appreciate the use of a hard cover slipcase that makes the product easily accessible once purchased, yet completely encased and protected in a retail environment.

Elegant Men’s Gift Set

Monday, February 17th, 2014

This highly detailed shave set box is a great example of how men’s product packaging can be more creative, intriguing, and far from ordinary. This elegant box brings a new perspective to the selling of men’s toiletry or cosmetic products. The brand “Harry’s” introduced the line in s special engraved Valentine’s set. What a great way to release something on an appropriate date in perfect time for a sweet gift. What we appreciate the most about this packaging solution is its intricate attention to detail in this turned edge box. A simple graphic design on hard cover with embossed logo combines digital print with a silver lining- literally! Also, the interesting choice of closure accompanies the rest of the design. The closure is functional but is also a special feature. Blog source: Harry’s the Engraved Valentine’s Set/ shave set Elegant Mens Gift Set