Pro Teams Brand with the The SportBox™

One of our latest custom products that we that we have had so much interest from professional sports teams is our trendy SportBox™. The SportBox™ is a high end packaging design solution and creates an elegant experience for the ticket holder, vendors or media relations. It has been a superb method for teams to make their base feel appreciated. The Custom Double Flap SportBox™ displays style, provides additional real estate for marketing and branding and gives the box added strength. The SportBox™ can be customized with digital print, embossing or debossing, foil stamping or screen printing, die cut foam inserts or thermoformed plastic trays to hold the contents of the box. The custom box has helped teams immensely extend their brand.

Custom Designed Luxury Packaging Branding

The Dagmar box and publication set shown here is a great instance of custom designed luxury packaging. The custom packaging uses minimalist design and extends Dagmar’s branding. The custom design grasps the sophisticated simplicity of the logo as well as the products that make brand recognition possible. Characteristic of successful Swedish fashion brand, the custom two piece setup box shown here is a luxury packaging design the exemplifies the brand and adds value to the product. Using open space wisely, the graphic design on the custom turned edge box is decorated by the logo and a simple tagline. This custom high end luxury box shows how important extending their brand is.

Custom Presentation Packaging for Professional Sports Teams

With the value of many pro sports franchises now worth well over one billion dollars according to Forbes, It is extremely imperative for their custom presentation packaging to be of the highest quality to represent their brand. Professional Sports team’s average brand value alone is worth 21% of total team valuation (i.e. Carolina Panthers team value $1.25 B, brand value alone $262 M) again according to Forbes. That is why we at Sunrise Packaging have been the “go to” for many custom prestigious presentation packaging projects that we have completed on behalf of various pro sports franchises. Our clients know we will deliver the elegant custom presentation packaging they are looking for to distribute to their top vendors, season ticket holders and various media outlets.



Distinctive and Appealing Custom Setup Box Packaging

I consider the custom turned edge two piece setup box packaging for Stick Bears soaps very distinctive and appealing. The custom rigid setup box packaging generates a very natural and luxurious feeling for their product which is what they are all about. Stitch Bears crafted a group of appealing soaps for their organic baby brand and use organic powder from goat’s milk as the soap’s key ingredient. Their custom design packaging fits so well with their product and branding!

An additional novelty is the soap’s custom product design, which is crafted to look like a Popsicle. This is intended to diminish a child’s distaste of bathing by correlating their soap with something pleasurable. The wooden stick is also comfortable to hold when the milk soap bubbles become slippery. The custom two piece setup box packaging and design add amazing perceived value of the Stick Bears product and enhances their brand.


Custom Packaging for Shelf Appeal

This custom two piece rigid setup box packaging for THEBIGEYES, a handmade shop dedicated to creating beautiful and unique pieces of items ranging from bags, scarves and art prints really grabbed my attention. I believe it is remarkably effective because it connects the brand and sales message, maximizes shelf appeal to grab the consumer’s attention, protects the product and any components, and communicates the product details and benefits. The branding and packaging design hits a home run for THEBIGEYES.