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Turned Edge Easel Binder

Wednesday, July 16th, 2014

Beckman Coulter 174x300 Turned Edge Easel BinderSometimes a simple three ring binder can make all the difference when it comes to presenting your company, clients, or volunteer staff with information concerning a new program or event. The beauty of custom turned edge manufacturing is that you are able to brand these binders with a logo, mission statement, or creative design. This feature gives you the opportunity to keep your brand present and reinforced long after the binder is needed. There are many different styles and materials to choose from when it comes to three ring binders- they are a more versatile item than many people are led to believe. The binder shown here is constructed to stand up and serve as an easel display for the contents of the binder. Watch the video below to see it in action! This rigid binder can add value to any corporate program or marketing efforts!

Custom Rigid Flats

Friday, July 11th, 2014

IMG 5523 300x210 Custom Rigid FlatsPackaging solutions are not limited to boxes and binders! The turned edge products shown here are all custom, rigid flats that serve a vital purpose. From poker chip display to a restaurant check holder, custom turned edge offers hospitality organizations and marketing companies to present their products and services in a unique and memorable piece. Each of these items utilize different custom features- four color print, gloss or matte lamination, and don’t forget about custom debossing! They are great examples of thinking “outside of the box” when it comes to branding. Brand reinforcement is extremely important to foster business relationships and keep a happy and consistent customer base.


Press Kit Branding

Monday, June 30th, 2014

When it comes to marketing a product or service to new people and clientele, a promotional press kit is a great way to get your foot in the door. With a number of cohesive elements that extend your brand, a custom made media press kit is a sound investment in future business opportunities. As a custom packaging manufacturer of turned edge/ hard cover boxes, binders and inventive sales kits, we have seen a wide variety of ways that clients choose to market their brand. In the video shown below, we have featured our very own press kit complete with a variety of our niche capabilities. Ranging from turned edge construction, graphic design, foil stamping, and custom plastic thermoforming, this “impress” kit is meant to do just that! These press kits went very fast, and we hope to be producing more shortly!

Wishing you a Happy Retirement: Farewell Steve!

Friday, June 27th, 2014

steve Wishing you a Happy Retirement: Farewell Steve!Today is a bittersweet day for us at Sunrise Packaging, Inc. because we are saying goodbye to one of our long time Packaging Solutions Experts. Steve Sandahl has been a part of the Sunrise Packaging team since 1987- that’s right, he has dedicated almost 30 years of hard work and dedication to our company and we will be forever grateful. A reliable resource in the packaging industry, Steve has seen our business markets shift from cassette packaging, VHS, CD and DVD packaging to more custom, high end marketing and retail packaging solutions- talk about adaptability!

One of the many ways Steve has contributed to our success is his willingness to really listen to our clients needs and help them create a packaging solution that exceeds their expectations. Around here, he was known as one of our “sample masters”; always piecing together custom packaging elements to create something truly unique for his customer. From high end, turned edge sales kits to simple USB Flashpad™ packaging, Steve Sandahl has truly been an expert in his field. Always a positive attitude and a wealth of knowledge to share with the team, we are going to miss Steve tremendously.

While we would like to think he will miss us too, Steve will be thoroughly enjoying his retirement with his beautiful family– his grandchildren are good at keeping him busy. Traveling, golf outings, and sunshine are all good things that Steve has to look forward to…maybe he’ll wander back into the office come January or February!

Wishing you a Happy Retirement!

Steve 1024x679 Wishing you a Happy Retirement: Farewell Steve!Steve Sandahl and wife Penny…cheers!

Not just from us at Sunrise! Here’s what some of your customer’s have to say:


First of all congratulations on your pending retirement !!  Must be very exciting !!  I wish you a very fulfilling retirement !!

Secondly, I want to express my sincere appreciation for your service to Entegris (and certainly the work I am involved with), your commitment to Entegris interests and requirements, and your professionalism !!  I can say that in my involvement with you and your team these elements of our business relationship were quite tangible !!  Thank you !!

Best regards, Dolan Rossi


Congratulations on your retirement!  It’s been a pleasure working with you over the years.  Enjoy, relax and have fun.

All the best,

Peggy Pearson

Hi Steve,

 Congratulations on your retirement!  I’m sure the initial adjustment from working to relaxation will be a little challenging at first but I’m confident you’ll get the swing of it in no time.  :)

 I’ve enjoyed working with you these last few years and wish you the best in this new phase of your life.


 Camille Woodbury

Brian Tracy International

I have to say congratulations and I’m saddened to lose a wonderful rep, but happy for you in your decision. I wish you the best. It has been a real pleasure to work with you. You must tell the new rep how difficult I can be:) I pray you a have a wonderful, relaxing, do-what-you-want retirement.



Ingram Entertainment


Die-Cut Packaging Design

Tuesday, June 24th, 2014

The intricate box shown here is a custom, and interesting package that holds the new line of chai tea from the one and only Oprah Winfrey. The custom die-cut cover of the green box offers a multi-dimensional design that intrigues customers and promotes a well branded product. Here at Sunrise, we love the use of creative design and bright colors to create kit that really stands out against the competition. The use of color and design makes the entire set cohesive and reinforces the brand of tea. While Oprah herself does not need to introduce herself to the world, the brand recognition of her name and chai tea design makes this packaging solution a winner.

oprah Die Cut Packaging Design

Re-Branding with Design

Wednesday, June 18th, 2014

This rigid, two piece box is a great example of how a simple two piece setup box can become a work of art with custom graphic design. Made to hold a set of honey cakes from the Taiwanese bakery, MURA. We found this packaging example on and had to share the beautiful and intricate nature of the top tray of the box. The simple, natural color palette with artistic airy design that are meant to represent the light of day and warmth of sunshine. By electing turned edge construction of the box, the designers were able to be more creative with how they chose to express the artwork. On the exterior of the larger box, they applied gold foil to add a little extra sunshine. The bakery has recently developed and re-branded itself after a long history dating back to 1975.

Branding and Product Packaging with a Rigid “Pad”

Tuesday, June 17th, 2014

IMG 3605 300x200 Branding and Product Packaging with a Rigid PadIMG 5055 300x157 Branding and Product Packaging with a Rigid PadOne of our most popular packaging solutions, the Flashpad, is a great tool to market a brand at an event or even as a mailed out promotion. We have found that not all companies benefit from USB flash drives, and that is okay! Since we are a custom manufacturer, we are capable of making a “pad” packaging solution for a wide variety of media, products, and literature. Shown here are a few examples of how organizations have tailored a simple product and created a memorable and effective promotional item. Design your own artwork to be printed, screen printed, or even foil stamped onto a, out side wrap. Once laminated, we will turn it over rigid chipboard to create the turned edge flat that acts as the exterior of the package. Once we have your item(s) that will be included, we can get to work on the foam! We offer a wide variety of foams all differing in color, thickness, and overall quality. A die is then created to die cut the foam to create appropriate cavities to hold your products safely and securely. Once the foam is adhered to the rigid flat and all of the pieces are fulfilled, you are set to distribute. Add value to your product and marketing efforts by branding your promotional pieces in this simple and extremely effective way. IMG 5013 Branding and Product Packaging with a Rigid Pad


Classic Retail Branding

Friday, May 23rd, 2014

Sartor 300x300 Classic Retail BrandingThe boxes here are an example of minimal branding and packaging design that we found on Made for a London based accessories line for the Sartor Resartus label. A simple design that is clearly marked with the brand is trending with packaging and retail branding. By leaving clean white space on the design of these two piece boxes, the eyes of the consumer are instinctively drawn to the label and promotes brand recognition. The design approach for this packaging piece was to exude the idea of timelessness with classic use of black and white. The hard cover, turned edge boxes create a professional and rigid home for the line of accessories and extend their brand representation even after purchase. With high end, custom retail boxes, branding is made easier because quality packaging sticks around longer. Consumers are able to reuse this box, maybe even as storage for their new accessories!

Jewelry Collection Packaging Set

Wednesday, May 14th, 2014

markmilton 300x242 Jewelry Collection Packaging SetThe set of turned edge boxes here is for Mark Milton, an industry expert in the jewelry business who needed to shift is marketing efforts and focus on selling directly to the consumer as opposed to just wholesale. Careful curating by the jeweler resulted in a series of collections the uphold the brand name and quality of the product. Found on, this collection uses a minimal design that evokes an understated elegance intended by Ico Design. As a branding strategy, the MM monogram of Mark Milton’s initials emphasize the role he plays as the creator and curator of fine jewelry.

Of course, what caught our attention was the elegant, rigid construction of the boxes. Utilizing clean white space and a simple monogram, the design of the boxes compliment the simplicity of the artwork. The use of turned edge in this collection allows for smooth lines and a luxury feel that adds value to the set through presentation and branding.

Many Benefits of Plastic Clamshells

Monday, May 12th, 2014

IMG 4906 281x300 Many Benefits of Plastic ClamshellsStudies have shown that clear plastic packaging solutions, such as thermoformed clamshells, are more susceptible to being purchased in retail environments. Eye-tracking research proves that products with clear packaging for display is more successful than those with no transparency. Clear plastic packaging can benefit retail items in any number of ways. From shelving convenience to shipping protection, thermoformed plastic is a dependable and economic solution for retailers and suppliers everywhere. The three biggest benefits from clear clamshell packaging are; eye-catching aesthetic, transparency and product display, and thirdly- enhanced security.

Clamshells are intrinsically simple in setup and design. While this may seem boring, there are many ways for companies to differentiate their packaging solution while simultaneously catching the eye of the consumer. Similar to blister packaging solutions, there are ways to incorporate branding and graphic design with printed inserts or forming a logo design into the plastic itself. Along with eye-catching design options, plastic clamshells also offer transparency. This gives the consumers an extremely educated decision to purchase the product. With clear plastic packaging, shoppers are able to ascertain fairly quickly just how the product will benefit them. The uncertainty of other products without transparent packaging will eventually drive the shopper to elect the product that they know the most about. Which is, of course, the product in the clamshell. Finally, thermoformed packaging solutions are secure and durable for the retail environment. There are so many factors that come into play once products hit the shelves. With hundreds or thousands of shoppers perusing storefronts every day, there are bound to be a few product casualties. Protect your products from little ones, or tampering shoppers with secure plastic packaging solutions. The thermoformed closures and form fitting construction not only display the product, but protect it in what can be an unruly environment.