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Promote your Event with a Marketing Kit!

Monday, September 8th, 2014

As we prepare for out upcoming debut at the Pack Expo event in Chicago, Illinois we are reviewing some of our past marketing efforts and considering how to go about designing and producing our promotional items. Many of our clients utilize us as their packaging solutions provider for this very purpose. So, it is only natural that we make our marketing kits in house to show you what we can do. The youtube video here shows all of the elements that went into our impressive marketing kit. Using our customizable NetBox, we created a rigid cigar-style box with high quality paper called black ultima. On the top cover we designed a simple silver foil stamp to intrigue our recipients. Open the magnetic closure and inside you will find more items all made under our roof! A black PVC tray custom formed to hold our Flashpad USB packaging solution. The tray holds the Flashpad perfectly in place so whomever opens the box knows exactly what the featured item is. Inside the turned edge flat with die-cut foam is a custom printed USB flash drive with the Sunrise Packaging logo, landing our potential clients to a page made specifically for them! As we get closer and closer to our event, we are getting excited to release our new marketing kit- we’ll get to work in our shop, stay tuned!

Season Ticket Box; Carolina Panthers

Thursday, September 4th, 2014

Its that time of year again! The football season is underway, and season ticket holders all over the country are relieved that they have a whole season to enjoy watching their favorite teams on the field. In the spirit of ringing in the new fall season, we thought we would feature a season ticket box that we made for the Carolina Panthers. The hinged rigid box is a classic piece with subtle, yet effective details. A custom silver foil stamp against a black ultima material makes the Panther logo stand out on the box. A larger cigar style box with hinge and magnetic closure, this packaging solution is a cohesive piece that will last for years and retain fun memories at games! Inside, the box needed a partition to keep memorabilia and tickets organized in the box. A rigid partition was created in the form or a separate box, creating the illusion that it is built in, but with the convenience of being able to remove the secondary tray. You don’t come by high end packaging solutions for season tickets very often, but when you do they are worth holding onto. A turned edge hinged box like that that is adorned with an iconic symbol in the NFL adds value to the entire set and creates an experience for the ticket holder.

Bose: Rigid Hinged Box and O-Sleeve

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014

The turned edge box shown here is a multi-faceted packaging solutions for Bose products, specifically their line of headphones. For a new product rollout, marketing a new line of items can be a challenge. While there are many ways for marketing firms and retailers to create a buzz or hype around a certain name brand or release date, bringing the product to life can be another challenge in and of itself. This rigid hinged box takes on the role of presenting to consumers and retailers alike. Made with an impressive black material and soft touch lamination, this box has a professional and finished feel.

In addition to the turned edge box that holds the headphones, there is an additional O-sleeve to enhance the entire package. Fitting over the box just perfectly, this sleeve adds to the opening experience that consumers anticipate when purchasing their new media accessories.

Two Piece Perfume Box

Friday, August 29th, 2014

rigid setup box for perfumeThis perfume box was designed for a Spanish retailer named Zara. They recently released a new fragrance for women and needed a fashionable and durable box for their new product. Designed by Aktiva Premium Design, this rigid setup box represents the fragrance in the bottle as well as the brand it is a part of. We often see luxury packaging solutions such as cigar-style boxes and turned edge two piece boxes for perfumes and candles because they are a great size for precision manufacturing as well as needing to be represented by more than just a name. With illustrative design of a floral bouquet on clean white stock wrap, the pop of color and soft pastel tones represent a fragrance that is light and pleasing to the senses. Our favorite part about this rigid box design is the use of metallic inks for printing the text and Zara logo. We think it gives that extra pop of boldness that will intrigue the consumer and make a real impact on in-store sales.

Rigid Quad-Fold Sales Kit

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

turned edge sales kitThe quad-fold sales kit shown here and in the video below is a unique take on how to present and market a specific medical device. The turned edge marketing package can be laid out flat and folded inwards twice. This makes the entire piece multi-dimensional, and visually stimulating to the recipient; once they think they have seen it all, there is more! The use of rigid chipboard for this marketing kit keeps the integrity of the package, keeping its structure while maintaining the custom design. What we like about creating marketing and sales kits at Sunrise is that they are all so unique and need different features- that means we get more experience and exposure to different applications! For example, this marketing kit needed to display long, thin guide wires for placing stints, so we were given the challenge to bring such small item to life. The final product resulted in categorizing these products and giving them their own cavity in the panels of the quad-fold. They are separated by SBS dividers, and labeled with a metal tag. Even more, these tags are placed at the top of the package and stay in place with an internal magnetic strip. With this organization, sales representatives and their audience are able to easily identify and access each product that is being referred to in their pitch!


Beats Packaging; Boxes, Trays, and Blisters

Monday, August 25th, 2014

The redesign of the most popular headphones has been released, and of course we can’t get past the packaging! We saw the speaker and headphone set on, showing how Solo2, the new Beats collection is packaged and sold in stores around the world. The product line is not restricted to headphones; they offer a wide variety of ear buds, speaker accessories, and more. Each product is different, and therefore so is the packaging it comes in. Each of the three pictures above show a different item in its own, unique custom package. Let’s look at them from left to right.

The far left picture is of the redesigned wireless earbuds, a smaller product that needs to be protected from tampering and stay in its place within the package. The interior of the slipcase box shows a thermoformed tray with unique cavities to hold the earbuds. This keeps the small items on display as well as untangled.

The middle picture shows the beats pill. A cordless speaker in a cylindrical “pill shape”. The blister pack shown here is encased in a rigid box, but we wanted to show how the makers of this product packaging and designed took a cue from pharmaceutical “pill” packaging. How creative to use a thermoformed blister pack to live up to the name of a product!

Finally, in the third picture, we see a high end, rigid box that holds the product that the brand is known for. An extremely popular product, the Beats line of speakers and headphones has been taking the music and electronic accessory market by storm. This turned edge box has multiple elements that protect the product, extend the brand, and add value in order to acquire repeat customers. When shoppers receive or pick up this product in store, they get the feeling that they are getting their money’s worth. And that is how quality packaging for retail products and marketing kits can improve sales and gain a following. Well done, Beats.

Rigid Luxury Packaging

Friday, August 22nd, 2014

For some reason, tea packaging is always intriguing when we visit Today’s browse did not disappoint. Developed by One & One Design, these box sets for different teas are high-end rigid boxes that come in variety of colors and design. Luxury packaging solutions are a growing trend, often featuring turned edge products because they are so customizable. With rigid boxes and marketing kits, the product marketing team is able to pinpoint the exact look and feel that will extend their brand and represent the product line. The best part about turned edge packaging is that it is so flexible when it comes to the style and shape of the final product. It is completely customizable and can be made into a two piece set up box, rigid cigar-style box, or even just go with a flat three ring binder! The sky is the limit with rigid packaging, and as shown by these tea boxes, they can range from simple yet classic, to some more uniquely designed items; watch our youtube video below for some turned edge packaging inspiration!

Product Promotional Kits

Thursday, August 21st, 2014

Sometimes the best way to promote the rollout of a new product or product line is to simple give distributors and clients a sample kit of what you have to offer. As they always say, sometimes you have to spend money to make money, which is exactly what you do when investing in a promotional kit for your brand. Shown here are just a few promotional packaging solutions that stand out to us. Of course, the e-cig box and the Starbucks box were both made by Sunrise Packaging (we thought we would throw in the disc box because it is just so cool!). Each product kit should have an element of design, a way to display the product, and durability to keep sample products protected. These kits used high quality turned edge boxes to portray a luxury design and brand representation. In order to display the product or line, both Starbucks and Mistic used high-end water-jet cut foam to hold each item in its proper place. These durable promotional kits do more than just show your customers what to expect in the new product line, they show you that they are willing to invest in a demonstration kit to show you their standards in quality!

E-Cig: Rigid Cigar-Style Box

Friday, August 15th, 2014

The cigar-style box shown here is a product marketing kit for Mistic, electronic cigarettes. E-cigs are extremely popular to smokers new and old, and there is definitely a growing market with devices, flavors, and much more! The packaging needed to display the products in an elegant cigar-style box with a magnetic closure to keep it secure. Custom die-cut foam holds different flavors available, and the device itself- complete with instructions.  A rigid box, the exterior of this product marketing kit is custom four color printed with branding and minimalist graphics. A huge trend in design this year is the use of white space. Think of electronic devices, new phones, and so on; this box follows the trend of using clean, open white space to bring attention to what is really important.

Flashpad™ USB Packaging Modified

Wednesday, August 13th, 2014

Rigid Flat with FoamEver since we released the rigid USB packaging solution, the Flashpad, it has grown to become one of our most popular and useful products. The idea originally came from the need to add shelf presence to an otherwise forgotten promotional giveaway. Think about marketing events and promotional mailer attempts that you have received. Often the postcard, small office utensil, or pamphlet goes noticed but discarded and forgotten. By developing the Flashpad, we created an affordable packaging solution that offers you more real estate for branding as well as a display feature for your promotional flash drive. USB flash drives are extremely useful in an office setting and make information distribution a piece of cake. By using USB packaging like the Flashpad, companies guarantee that their marketing efforts do not go unnoticed. As a custom manufacturer, we receive a wide range of needs and requests from our customers. Our versatile output and flexible manufacturing team are able to create elaborate and unique luxury packaging solutions. So when some of our clients wanted to take the concept of the Flashpad and tweak it to hold something different, we were all on board! Shown here are just a couple of variations of the Flashpad that show just how customizable this USB packaging solution is. Made with a simple turned edge flat with customer supplied artwork, we are able to provide unique die-cut foam to be adhered in this hardcover “book”, if you will. If you want to see how the Flashpad is made, or any of our other interactive packaging products, visit our youtube channel to see what we have to offer! Vikings Marketing Kit