Sunrise Packaging Announces the Popular Customizable NetBox™ Will Now Come in Five Standard Sizes

Sunrise Packaging announced today the popular customizable NetBox™ will now come in five standard sizes. The NetBox™ has the layout of a turned edge hinged cigar style box with an overlapping hard cover with a magnetic closure and is ideal for sales and marketing kits, retail packaging, and so much more. The NetBox™ is uniquely designed to fulfill your requirements with customizable graphic design and internal cavities. With the five standard sizes, customers will now have the opportunity to save on tooling costs to make their project more affordable.

“We are pleased to expand our trendy NetBox™ product line to five stock size options for our customers and to help make sophisticated decisions much easier,” said Okan Guney, VP of Sales at Sunrise Packaging, “With the range of sizes for the NetBox™ we will be able to fulfill client’s requests at our state-of-art facility and work with them with our graphics and design team to create dazzling custom packaging. We realize saving on tooling costs is many times an important factor for our customers and our increase of Netbox standard size ranges will really benefit them.”

With classic construction and professional finish, the NetBox™ is a dazzling packaging solution that adds the WOW factor! The NetBox™ can be customized with digital print, embossing or debossing, foil stamping or screen printing, die cut foam inserts or thermoformed plastic trays to hold the contents of the box. It is an exceptional branding and marketing tool for any organization. With the five standard NetBox™ sizes now available, customers will experience fast turn around time developing a superior product.

The NetBox™ Standard Size Options:

The NetBox™ – Mini – Length: 5.375 Width 5.875 Depth 1.000

The NetBox™ – Jr. Length: 8.500 Width 5.250 Depth 1.500

The NetBox™ – Length: 10.187 Width 5.937 Depth 1.187 *Most Common Size

The NetBox™ Sr. – Length: 10.000 Width 9.000 Depth 1.875

The NetBox™ Max Length: 12.000 Length: 9.250 Depth 2.500



Less Can Be More With Custom Packaging

Sometimes less is more! This custom packaged two-piece setup box for Gentleman’s Professional Body Care is a great example of how effective less can be! Whether it’s the amount of images used or the wording of an advertisement, less is very often more when it comes to branding and advertising – and that goes for the packaging as well. In custom packaging today, sometimes there can be information overload. Consumers are overcome and desiring for peaceful zones, so there is a expanding want of simplistic packaging experiences. This Gentleman’s custom two-piece setup box packaging is natural, readable, convenient, easy to open, with no blur – and in my opinion does a incredible job of getting their message and branding through.

Imaginative and Unforgettable Custom SBS Presentation Box

This imaginative and unforgettable custom SBS presentation box for Tattinger champagne really hits the mark for branding. The champagne is stored in a set of presentation boxes each containing four bottles. These boxes are so unique they can be reversed for presenting of all four bottles. This highlight enhances the Tattinger’s shelf presence and improves value to the product. These custom SBS presentation boxes are also strong enough to protect the bottles. The top works to generate the handle can be used as a tray in a complementary display feature.

Creative Custom Two-Piece Set Up Box Packaging

This creative custom two-piece set up box packaging is for Zealong’s new four flavor range. Zealong is a brand of high quality, traditional Chinese teas made from organically grown leaves, pronounced as thicker and having more flavor.

The custom two-piece box set up design employs the distinctive contrast of a matt satin, UV varnish and gold foil print finish, perky contemporary color and unique emboss across a dark surface. It sets up a conservative but premium feeling that derives a little from the chocolate category and the custom design extends Zealong’s branding. Custom packaging well done!