Improve Your Brand with Custom Designed Rigid Boxes

October 30th, 2014

I have confidence that independent retailers can be successful competing against big box retailers with high-quality custom designed rigid boxes that are innovatively packaged. Big box retailers typically spend more in promotion and large quantity production, so independent retailers need to boost their brand to compete with distinguished custom packaging. The following survey of over 300 independent retailers gives more evidence of how important this is.

64% said that packaging was an important part of their brand

49% felt that packaging was particularly important in online sales

48%felt packaging helped them compete with big-box retailers 

This survey demonstrations to me that quality custom box packaging can make a pronounced difference for your brand.


Custom Paperboard Packaging

October 28th, 2014

I noticed this post on the dieline and the intriguing custom packaging in this piece really caught my attention. Skoff Pies packaging was designed by Creative Inc. Skoff pastries are slipped into vibrant Paperboard boxes that are exemplified with graphic teeth trying to grab a bite of its contents.

This custom designed Paperboard packaging utilizes an embossed logo that gives the Skoff product a first-class sensation. The packaging design shows off owner Donal Skehan’s eccentric personality and adoration of everything retro. Their unique branding has been effective for Skoff further separating them from the competition.


The Impact of Packaging

October 22nd, 2014


This article of The Impact of Packaging by MS Packaging ( caught my attention. We have seen many of the same thoughts from manufacturers and consumers who know how important exceptional packaging is crucial for a product to evoke consumers attention. Here are a few of the results from their research:

Only 11% of global consumers are completely satisfied with their packaging today

When it comes to overall product satisfaction, packaging is almost as important as brand for consumers

64% tried a product because the packaging caught their eye

41% purchased a product because of the packaging

36% switched brands because of a negative experience with new packaging

22% wrote an online review that mentions packaging

Because of packaging, 29% researched more about a product and 20% became a fan of the branding company on social networks

These results certainly show the importance of quality packaging as it is undoubtedly a major factor which helps to build a wide customer base. With consumer’s now more willing to be influenced by packaging, it will take quality packagers that are up to the challenge of producing this distinction.

Impress with Soft Touch Lamination

October 20th, 2014


Do you want to make an incredible impression with your product packaging? The elegant look of Soft Touch Lamination adds a unique and high quality finish that draws attention and assists to boost the perceived value for the product.

Soft touch lamination is an increasing popular trend that creates a smooth finish with a luxury feel while concurrently protecting the print and protecting the prestige and branding of the graphic design. I believe the branding of many high-end products are enhanced and benefit greatly with the excellent soft touch laminate intense velvety effect.

At Sunrise Packaging we would love to work with you with our custom laminate packaging solutions.



Impactful SBS/Paperboard Packaging

October 16th, 2014

Ammunition is a design studio dedicated to bring products and services to market. In 2006, Ammunition started working with Beats after a few meetings with Jimmy Lovine and Dr. Dre to create a visual design and out-of-box experience of the packaging across all categories. I love the four-color print quality using SBS/Paperboard packaging that does a extraordinary job reinforcing the Beats branding.

The high quality high-reaching SBS/Paperboard packaging demonstrates to Beats customers what to expect in the new product line. This exhibits that they are willing to invest in packaging and design to show you their standards in quality of their products.

Unique Packaging & Branding

October 13th, 2014

Eco friendly rigid handle box

The NetBox™: Customizable Rigid Cigar Box

October 6th, 2014

Here is our latest youtube video featuring our very own customizable NetBox™! In a standardized size, this turned edge cigar style box is perfect for retail packaging, sales and marketing kits, and more. From graphic design to internal cavities, this box is uniquely tailored to your needs to meet your sales goals. With a classic construction and professional finish, the NetBox™ is a great packaging solution that adds value to your business!

Rigid Flats with Foam: Custom ‘Pads’

October 3rd, 2014

The concept of our turned edge Flashpad™ has taken off! Not only can the use of a custom rigid flat and die cut foam pad hold USB flash drives, but it can be shaped for all kinds of marketing and retail needs. Shown here are some standard Flashpads™, as well as customized pads that hold small medical products, credit cards drives, and more! The simplicity of this packaging solution allows each of our clients to tailor the size, shape, foam cavity and artwork to fit their needs! We always use Flashpads™ ourselves as marketing giveaways at tradeshows and to show clients what we are made of. With customizable and preloadable USB flash drives, you can too! From combination cases to simple rigid flats, these simple cases make it easy to extend your branding strategy. With high quality materials and turnkey manufacturing solutions, let Sunrise Packaging take your project from start to finish.

Luxury Packaging: Wine & Spirits

October 2nd, 2014

Specialty wines and spirits are luxury items and should therefore be displayed and purchased in a luxury packaging solution. Most often high end boxes, the photo gallery below shows some fantastic examples of intricate rigid boxes for wine, whiskey, and everything in between! By investing in customized luxury boxes for these specialty items, these companies add value to the entire product, creating an experience for the consumer, and investing in their targeted customer! We love seeing projects like these, because it gives us a chance to use our custom manufacturing capabilities to take a vision and make it a reality. From two piece setup boxes to turned edge cigar style boxes, luxury wine and spirits packaging is always uniquely tailored to the brand, the product, and that specific flavor profile. Any new rollout product or limited edition spirit will turn more heads in the store if they are accompanied by eye-catching display packaging. This creates a high end status that connoisseurs just have to have!

Turned Edge Packaging with a Soft Touch

September 30th, 2014

Soft touch lamination is a steadily growing trend in packaging solutions that offers a protectant to printed wraps and offers a professional feel. With soft touch lamination, you give your custom boxes, binders and rigid flats a smooth finish that exudes luxury packaging and high end products. Used most infamously with Apple product boxes such as iPods, iPhones, etc. we have seen a huge increase in clientele searching for soft touch lamination. All of the boxes shown below use a soft touch lamination. With turned edge being such a rigid material choice for packaging solutions, soft touch offers a contrast between what your eyes see and your hands eventually feel. Similar to a hard cover text book, turned edge packaging products can benefit from this lamination style to create an approachable, yet luxurious final product.