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Take Our New Redesigned Website for a Spin!

We are pleased to announce the release of our new redesigned website: It was designed with a fresh new look and user-friendly navigation, updated with the latest information about our products and services. We applied ...
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Custom packaging design.

Market with Custom Hinged Boxes

The custom design of these custom cookie boxes is so captivating! I love the idea of a custom hinged box that has an exterior cover to heighten the design. The rigid box here is for ...
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Custom box packaging

Talk About Branding!

Using turned edge production, this custom hinged “box” like cover depicts the sensation of a hard cover book. The aim was essentially to produce a “book of smells”. Each scent has its own design and color ...
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Custom Die-Cut Foam Inserts for Dazzling Display

Customers can utilize custom die-cut foam inserts in various custom boxes and other turned edge products to offer product security as well as dazzling display. With custom die cut foams offered in assorted colors and thicknesses, ...
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Setup Boxes for Luxury Packaging

These are all examples of two piece setup boxes, new and old. While we have branded and streamlined the process for our cigar-style NetBox™, we still see many projects for two piece boxes. Probably the first ...
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Use the GiftPad™ for Getting Out Your Own Webkey for Marketing

Webkeys are essentially a routing device as urls are programmed into the key so that it can instantly route users to your online destination. Combine your Webkey with our recently released custom Giftpad™ and you ...
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Custom Setup Boxes for Extending Your Brand

Setup box is probably considered the most classic take on what a “box” actually is. Custom setup boxes comprise of two pieces which are a top and a bottom tray. Custom setup boxes can be ...
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Enormous Growth for Custom Rigid Turned Edge Box Packaging

We have noticed the enormous growth for custom rigid turned edge box packaging in the last few years. The increase in custom rigid turned edge packaging demands for large size demonstration kits, retail items and smaller ...
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specialty turned edge paper

Customized Tray and Insert Packaging Options

If you use a two piece setup box or custom rigid hinged cigar-style box, there are many possibilities for customizing the inside of your turned edge box to brand the complete package distinctive to your ...
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Differences Between Foil Stamping and Silk Screen for Packaging

The two foremost differences between Foil Stamping and Silk Screen for packaging are the glossiness of the image and appealing highlight. The process of foil stamping is the treatment of a metallic foil being heated ...
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