NetBox™: Custom Turned Edge

April 18th, 2014

IMG 5153 300x202 NetBox™: Custom Turned EdgeNew samples are in! Our customizable NetBox has been extremely popular among marketing firms and retail suppliers as a unique, durable, and affordable packaging solution. The turned edge, also known as rigid construction allows for any company to make their mark in a creative way. With options ranging from textured papers and four color graphic print, just about any motif or brand can be extended through the use of high quality custom packaging. The beauty of having turnkey manufacturing solutions in house, is that we are able to create our very own NetBox samples to send out to interested shoppers! We have made these cigar-style boxes with both textured paper wraps as well as a few graphic designs so you can see the result of our in-house printing and lamination. All of them are complete with magnetic closure. Pictured here are some of the boxes we made with four color digital printing and gloss lamination. All of our samples are our standardized NetBox size, but don’t be discouraged we pride ourselves in custom work and can adjust sizes to meet your needs. Request a quote with us today, or simply ask for a sample- find out how a custom NetBox can enhance your brand and marketing efforts!

Fundraising Effort Packaging

April 16th, 2014

squared 1024x682 Fundraising Effort PackagingThis package we found from thedieline  takes the concept of our Flashpad and utilizes it to spread awareness for fundraising efforts. The foam on the inside of the case holds a card reader that allows people and business to help donate toward relief efforts. Every credit card reader used by a business, over 97% of the cost goes to the Global Fund to  fight AIDS. The organization RED and Square partnered together to debut the card reader as a special edition. Representative of the branding of the RED organization, the front cover is a transparent red plastic that highlights the product and protects it in shipping.

Compact Medical Device Case

April 14th, 2014

This case stems from the design of our turned edge Flashpad, most used to package USB flash drives. However, the small pieces called cannulas found a nice home in this package that ended up being the perfect size! Each piece has its own die-cut foam cavity to keep them separated and properly labeled. The case uses four color digital printing and gloss lamination for a clean and presentable design suited for medical device sales. The closure of the case is a unique feature that was economical to install and functions like a dream! Instead of simply lay shut like a box, the top cover was extended to fold behind the back cover. A magnetic strip was included in order to keep the covers together.



Display Packaging

April 11th, 2014

Wood Sales Kit 300x253 Display Packaging Whether for point of purchase display or sales pitch presentation material, custom display packaging literally adds another dimension to your products’ visibility. By creating a display, you multiply your audience tenfold! However, with more exposure comes more responsibility. High quality displays have eye-catching graphic design as well as a sturdy construction. The display pictured here is a sample kit for a wood flooring company. The durable turned edge flat holds small samples of different wood floorings, and is capable of standing up to show the range of products available. The beauty of this kind of display is that it folds up nicely for travel.

Another display concern is visual aids or documents that accompany a sales pitch or explain the use and benefits of a product. Sure, a screen projector and slideshow would be ideal, but those resources are not always readily available or even cooperative! We have found that easel binders are a great solution for a travelling presentation. The video below shows a custom turned edge easel binder that stands sturdy on its own and displays documents for groups to easily view.

New Balance Active Wear Box

April 9th, 2014

This custom turned edge box for New Balance has a unique, yet fully functional design. Turned edge with digital print and matte lamination, this box is large in capacity yet durable for retail packaging. The magnetic closure keeps the box neatly closed while still easy to open. We love this box due to its simple, wrap-around design. Consisting of two turned edge flats laid perpendicular to wrap up into a three dimensional box. The construction of this piece allows for possible flat shipping, and definite ease of manufacturing. This rigid box is perfect for luxury items, active wear, and even tools or sports gear.

Turned Edge Packaging: Youtube Compilation

April 7th, 2014

Here is the newest youtube video from us at Sunrise Packaging! Instead of having to peruse our photo galleries and actively search for packaging inspiration, we though it would be best to put together a compilation for custom turned edge packaging solutions made right under our roof in Blaine, MN. Ranging from impressive sales kits, high-end retail boxes, to small USB packaging solutions and three ring binders, this video shows our capabilities as a custom packaging manufacturer.

Take a virtual tour of our turned edge packaging products. All of the projects you see in this video were custom made for each respective client and purpose. Whether these boxes hit the retail shelves or are simply for internal sales teams, the boxes, binders, and cases you see here are all rigid with custom graphics and other appropriate features (like foam inserts or a custom formed tray). For more in-depth product videos, visit our youtube channel or simply search: Sunrise Packaging, Inc.

Product Line Packaging

April 4th, 2014

We found this packaging set on Packaging of the World, and had to share! When introducing a new product line or a unique set of items, representative and eye-catching packaging can make a huge difference! The product line displayed here is packaging in a high end turned edge box with a hinge. The top surface of the box opens up nicely to display all that the recipient can put to use. With the versatile nature of turned edge manufacturing, they had the option of digital print, embossing, foil stamping and more to brand the box to their liking. The end result is a unique and sturdy display box to present a new product line.

Two Piece Setup Boxes

April 2nd, 2014

Two piece setup boxes are most likely what comes to mind when you think of retail, gift, and luxury box packaging. However, high quality custom setup boxes can be unique and multi-faceted aside from their common reputation. At Sunrise, we have made two pieces boxes that vary widely by size, color, custom applications, and interior details. The video below shows a small box that features four color digital printing, gloss lamination and a full telescope (telescope refers to how much the top box covers the depth of the bottom box.

USB Flash Drive Packaging

March 31st, 2014

From boxes to binders, we create unique custom packaging solutions for a wide variety of products and marketing materials. One of the most popular and convenient ways to promote a brand has been with the distribution of USB drives or webkeys with company information and landing pages. In order to extend the device and give it a little more weight, creative packaging solutions can add value to promotional giveaways by attracting more attention and staying on the radar of the recipient. Our customizable Flashpad and similar products have been proven to be economical to produce, simple to setup, and valuable to marketing efforts. By incorporating turned edge materials and manufacturing, the final result channels the look and feel of a hard cover book and is uniquely tailored to its designated brand message.

Premium Tea Packaging

March 28th, 2014

bonho potw 01 Premium Tea PackagingThis gift set of premium tea is in celebration of Taiwan’s centennial as a nation as well as the use of tea to express sensibilities. The packaging for this gift set is decorative and functional at the same time. Each smaller box holds and represents one of each of the four teas that were carefully selected for the set. The design for the boxes are artistically created window decorations that reflect the Taiwanese lifestyle for an entire century of cultural change and historical inheritance. The use of bright colors contrasting with dark black and intricate windowing is a modern design trend that is simultaneously reminiscent of imagery in traditional architecture. Symbolizing hope, wellness, and prosperity, this blessing tea gift set is much more than a beautiful design.