plastic packagingStudies have shown that clear plastic packaging solutions, such as thermoformed clamshells, are more susceptible to being purchased in retail environments. Eye-tracking research proves that products with clear packaging for display is more successful than those with no transparency. Clear plastic packaging can benefit retail items in any number of ways. From shelving convenience to shipping protection, thermoformed plastic is a dependable and economic solution for retailers and suppliers everywhere. The three biggest benefits from clear clamshell packaging are; eye-catching aesthetic, transparency and product display, and thirdly- enhanced security.

Clamshells are intrinsically simple in setup and design. While this may seem boring, there are many ways for companies to differentiate their packaging solution while simultaneously catching the eye of the consumer. Similar to blister packaging solutions, there are ways to incorporate branding and graphic design with printed inserts or forming a logo design into the plastic itself. Along with eye-catching design options, plastic clamshells also offer transparency. This gives the consumers an extremely educated decision to purchase the product. With clear plastic packaging, shoppers are able to ascertain fairly quickly just how the product will benefit them. The uncertainty of other products without transparent packaging will eventually drive the shopper to elect the product that they know the most about. Which is, of course, the product in the clamshell. Finally, thermoformed packaging solutions are secure and durable for the retail environment. There are so many factors that come into play once products hit the shelves. With hundreds or thousands of shoppers perusing storefronts every day, there are bound to be a few product casualties. Protect your products from little ones, or tampering shoppers with secure plastic packaging solutions. The thermoformed closures and form fitting construction not only display the product, but protect it in what can be an unruly environment.

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