AT&T is now using an eco-friendly thermoformed clamshell package for more than 300 SKUs of their wireless accessories. Dubbed TerraPET®, the new material used in thermoforming is composed of 30% renewable-resource content sourced from ethanol harvested from natural sugarcane. By using this TerraPET®, fossil fuel-based materials can be replaced without compromising quality and clarity.

The thermoformed clamshell previously used before TerraPET® was made from recycled PET (RPET) with 30-60% recycled pre-consumer content. But that wasn’t good enough for AT&T. This new initiative proves that the company will go the extra mile to make their packaging options more sustainable. “What can we do next?” is the attitude when it comes to minimizing environmental waste.

The transition to TerraPET® began on October 2, 2011. The sugarcane that makes the film will yield two to four harvests per plant making it a rapidly renewable agricultural crop. It permits the replacement of a third of the fossil fuels traditionally used in AT&T’s accessory packaging. AT&T is the first U.S. telecom company to use this plastic in its packaging.

The primary reason for using a thermoformed clamshell in their accessory packaging is so AT&Ts customers have access to the products. Consumers can easily open the clamshell while in the store and close it back up to test the product and see if it’s right for their device. The clamshell also gives consumers a 360-degree view of the products inside the package.

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