Apple recently filed a patent that was discovered by Apple insider which reveals the Cupertino company’s interest in providing wireless power to Apple devices on the store shelves. This means that while iOS products are on store shelves while still in their packaging they will receive power to charge them and be fully operational when taken out of the box to be displayed and interacted with. This feature will also allow employees of the Apple store to provide software updates to the devices within the store while being able to keep the product sealed.

Called the “Active Electronic Media Packaging,” the patent details how the active packaging system would replace all labels and advertising that is commonly found on packaging. This would allow the product to sell itself by letting users interact with the it while it is still in the packaging. The patents description states:

“Although typical packaging for an electronic media device may be designed to adequately protect the device from shock or damage, the packaging is extremely limited in other respects […] For example, the ability to fully view or interact with the electronic media device while still inside the packaging is severely limited in most packaging designs. Although unobtrusive packaging designs have been developed, these designs typically do not allow electronic media devices to be interacted with while inside the packaging.”

The idea is definitely new to packaging, but as one website, Ubergizmo, points out, “Apple stores have plenty of demo units on the floor for customers to experiment with. Not to mention that iOS devices usually come with some battery left in them when taken out of the box.”

So readers, what do you think about Apple’s latest patent? Do you think it will prove valuable to Apple and iOS devices, or do you think the devices would be fine without wireless capabilities while on the shelf?

Source: Ubergizmo

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