Packaging can create value for consumers. Yes, the box a product comes in is designed to keep the product clean and prevent it from getting broken during transportation from where the product is made to the place it is finally removed from its packaging.

However, a box can do so much more:

  • It can be designed to enhance the consumer’s first experience of the product. (Like wrapping presents in pretty paper during the Holidays)
  • The packaging can (and should) show off the product and demonstrate how it benefits the consumer.
  • The packaging can be designed to be used over again after the product has been removed either for the product itself or for another use.
  • The material that makes the box can do something special like be impregnated with flower or grass seeds so that it beautifies the environment after disposal.

Take the new “green” pizza box company that launched in October. ECO Inc., a maker of environmentally friendly and multifunctional packaging, introduced its product Greenbox. The Greenbox is a pizza box made from 100 percent recycled material that also breaks down into serving plates and a storage container for leftover pizza.

The Greenbox promotes less waste and reusable packaging material, while serving as a convenient product for consumers.

Like the Greenbox, when a new product comes to market, the packaging it comes in will influence its success. A great product in a plain brown paper bag will be overlooked every time.

Be sure to work with a packaging company that can help you create custom packaging that stands out, makes consumers feel good about their purchases when they open the box, and is environmentally friendly or reusable. Check out our green packaging options at Sunrise Packaging.