When it comes to packaging, a different shape or size package can accomplish many things.

  1. Use less materials to be more environmentally-friendly.  Cutting down on the amount of materials being used can play a huge impact, rather than simply switching materials.
  2. It works better for the consumer.  Shorter boxes will fit in kitchen cupboards and pantries better by take up less room.
  3. Using less materials can cut down on costs.
  4. Differentiation can help your product stand out on the shelf over the competition.
Kellogg's Frosted Mini-Wheats New Box Packaging

(Picture found at: Packaging Matters)

In the above example, Kellogg’s is testing a box of a different shape.  It holds the same amount of cereal, uses less packaging material, fits into kitchen cupboards better, and it makes a great first impression.  This cuts down on costs and generates less waste to be more eco-friendly.

If it turns out that the box will also help little tykes spill less cereal on the table, Kellogg’s has really got a winning design!