Lets not kid ourselves. The iPad is a consumer product. Using them we surf the internet, watch videos & movies, play games, view
photos, etc. But iPads are also becoming a great tool for businesses. Here’s 5 great uses in particular that are making iPads a viable business tool.

1. Filling out forms– The iPad is great for managing documents. Filling out forms and signing documents is made easy with some great apps out there. An Easy Sign app actually let you email a document, image, or PDF and then affixing a signature on it. The signature can be freshly signed on the document right on the iPad itself. The app also lets you insert text fields for adding dates, names, addresses, and checkboxes.

2. Accepting and Processing Payments- There are now apps out there that turn your iPad into a full credit card terminal. This allows businesses to sell merchandise, tickets, and other goods anywhere. 3 great apps for processing payments are Intuit GoPayment and VeriFone’s PAYware Mobile.

3. Presentations- iPads are a great tool for presentations. Displaying graphs and charts are slick. iPads have a VGA or HDMI adapter allowing users to run presentations directly into a TV or projector. iPads are also excellent for one-on-one presentations with clients.

4. Web Conferencing– Thanks to apps like WebEx and GoToMeeting, iPads are making web meetings fast and easy. The iPad 2 has both front and rear cameras so users can connect with others using video chat.

5. Collecting Data- Bento is an iPad app that is a wonderful tool for small businesses to create manageable databases and collect data. With Bento, you can create a digital guest book project for an event where guests simply sign in leaving their contact info. After gathering the data on your iPad you can create databases that can be used for your marketing efforts for the future.

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