Pew Internet Project released a new study that outlines how fast consumers are embracing applications on their mobile devices.

82% of adults in the US are active cell phone users. 43% of those cell phone users have applications on their phones with more than two-thirds of them are using the apps on a regular basis. In other words, nearly 25% of the US adult population is actively using mobile applications.

Although applications are not nearly as popular as other cell phone activities such as texting and taking photos, the app growth is rapid and relentless. Considering there was no app culture two years ago, it’s a remarkable tech story. Here’s a list of the top cell phone activities amongst US adults taken from the Pew Internet Project study:

Percentage of adult cell phone users who use their phone to do the following:
Take pictures- 76%
Text message- 72%
Use internet- 38%
Play games- 34%
Use email- 34%
Record video- 34%
Play music- 33%
Use an app- 29%

Top 10 most popular app categories among US adults:
1. Games
2. News/Weather
3. Navigation
4. Social Media
5. Music
6. Entertainment/Food
7. Banking/Finance
8. Sports
9. Productivity
10. Shopping/Retail

Further, app growth has led to steady growth for social media. Twitter CEO Evan Williams earlier this month blogged that 46% of active Twitter users regularly use a mobile device to tweet. The number of users accessing Twitter on mobile devices had jumped 62% since mid-April. Overall during that period, the number of people using Twitter rose 27%, from 106 million to 145 million.

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