We believe in providing a unique solution for each customer. With 30 years of experience under out belt, we have mastered the art of creative packaging. If you are looking for a high-end, luxury presentation for your product, we are the people to call. We are different from the other guys.


Custom magnetic and rigid two piece setup boxes made at Sunrise Packaging


Toyota Magnetic Box

Our Mag Boxes are great for employee recognition events! These Toyota Mag Boxes were digitally printed and laminated with a matte lamination. The inside contains custom flocked foam that holds trip documents like their itinerary, name badge, and luggage tag. These were used as a travel itinerary box for employees who earned a trip.

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Toyota Promo Gift Box

OCA Energy Promo Kit

Does your marketing need a little pep in its step? These marketing kits were used to introduce an energy drink called OCA. These boxes were digitally printed and have a matte lamination. Inside contains custom foam to hold samples and a slot for a t-shirt. The upper closure flap contains clear pockets that hold a nutrition facts card and a card from one of the partners Marc Anthony.

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Promo Ki for Energy Drink

DPP Creative Kit

Make a great first impression with custom marketing kits from Sunrise Packaging. A personalized case tailor-fit to your product is brand packaging that sells. This kit uses a spot UV and a Cool Grey 8 Panone on a soft-touch paper material.

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packaging customization Brand box for Creative agency marketing kit

Medical Launch Kit

Do you have a new product that needs packaging? We specialize in product launch kits for any type of business you may be in. This box was used as an introduction kit for a medical company that helps treat brain tumors. It was offset printed with a matte lamination. The inside contains foam to hold the contents in place. It also has an SBS pocket with business card slits for documents.

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Medical Presentation Kit

Coca-Cola PR Kit

This was made for our friends at the Yah Agency. This handle box was offset printed and has matte lamination with spot UV over the lamination. The inside has custom foam and an SBS pocket. The kit contains two shirts & bottles, a map, and four postcards. This was used PR kit announcing the Coca-Cola experience at DFW airport.

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Corporate Presentation Kit