We believe in providing a unique solution for each customer. We understand that packaging plays a key role in how consumers view your product, so let us help you convey your brand and message. We have 30 years of experience under our belt when it comes to creative packaging. Choose Sunrise Packaging when you're looking for custom packaging strategy and execution.

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This proof binder for Laurel Mountain Photography is a strong example of stark minimalism used to portray a classy veneer. The 1-color silk screened logo is a brilliant white contrasted against the timeless Black Rainbow Ultima wrap. The organic handwriting plays right into this year's trends in luxury packaging, as well as capturing the elegance of a wedding day. A large 4-inch D-ring metal makes for unparalleled durability for securing several photo proofs, while the Euro-scored spine aids in the viewing process. Truly an exercise in professionalism and a pleasure to work on. Read More

This striking packaging for Minnesota's own Ramble FX displays the true colors of upscale custom packaging. A unique combo of soft-touch lamination on top, and glossy on the bottom, the black-and-red coloring play off each other nicely, accenting the graphics and logo. The rigid two-piece box is almost fully telescopic, leaving just enough room for ease of opening, and sliver of crimson for style. Fitted with a precise die-cut foam insert, this custom box protects its contents: a fuzz pedal for an electric guitar. Quite the gem of luxury packaging and an honor to produce! Read More

The Elf on the Shelf, the newest of holiday traditions, received a bit of a makeover thanks to Sunrise Packaging. The corrugated cardboard box doubles for both delivery and storage, while the festive 4-color print plays right into the story of the Elf being delivered in time to make sure families are keeping up with their Christmas cheer. An aqueous finish gives the packaging a rosy glow, perfect for the theme. This B-flute RSC box will prove both lightweight and sturdy when it arrives in homes this December. In addition to the Elf, the custom box design will be a specialty bundle, also housing a variety of gifts, books, and plushes. Another proudly-crafted project to put us in the holiday spirit! Read More